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SymbioSwiss is a Switzerland-based organization with a global scope. Its dual objective is: a) to contribute to an improvement of the economic, environmental and social development of the world, and b) to boost entrepreneurship and innovation by accompanying selected companies or projects able to bring about a change of paradigm. Both elements are complementary. The first one is closely connected to public policies and to the academic world, in a non-for-profit perspective. It can take the form of a participation to think tanks. The second part aims at creating new ventures or to develop entrepreneurial companies, in order to reach concrete and tangible results. To that affect, a club of entrepreneurs has been established, with view to select, invest and accompany high potential projects, with an attractive return-on-investment. SymbioSwiss is active in fields such as energy, water, the environment and clean technologies; but also in others like hospitality, logistics, communications and some more. SymbioSwiss can count on an extensive Swiss, European and World-wide network, mainly built over the years by its Executive Chairman and other members of the Strategic Board. As a result, the SymbioSwiss organization encompasses several dimensions, from a holistic conceptual approach and an innovative vision to an ability to identify promising projects and to scale-up companies, in a pragmatic, efficient and profitable manner.