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Outremont, QC H2V 3T1, Canada

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Sweet Gazoil

Sweet Gazoil provides pyrolysis solutions to profitably transform mixed plastics and/or used oil into quality fuels.

Sweet Gazoil inc. provides innovative patented solutions that profitably transforms mixed plastics and used or waste oils into readily saleable products. The processes are resistant to fouling so the plants run on a continuous basis, and all sub-products are environmentally neutral. The different feedstocks are introduced into our patented anti-fouling reactor as droplets or small particles, and each is cracked individually and absorbs the amount of energy needed to crack. The products obtained are separated using a distillation column ensuring quality products. Saleable products represent above 80%, and in most cases over 88%, of the feedstock. Most of the energy needed for the process comes from the light products coming from the cracking process.


Profitable Pyrolysis of Mixed Waste Plastics

Surface flash cracking of unsorted dirty waste plastics to obtain number 2 type diesel in small foul resistant plants.

Sweet Gazoil’s solution converts dirty mixed plastics into biofuels in efficient micro-refineries. The solution is adapted to plastics that cannot be easily recycled and usually end up in landfills. It can also treat waste oils at the same time. Even when the feedstock is municipal waste, the operation remains cost-effective and requires minimal sorting due to the use of our highly flexible and anti-fouling patented reactor. The micro-refineries run on a continuous basis and are profitable, even at smaller scales. The process is self-sufficient, as all the energy needed can be supplied by the light products. The profitability of the operation is possible due to the cheap and energy dense waste plastics requiring minimal sorting, processing and energy input, while still obtaining high-quality biofuels through patented purification and stabilization systems.

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