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Sun Ra, LLC dba Sunreps

Sunreps is, John Wabel and attorney Hal Levi. Established in 2011 Sunreps has tested, demonstrated, sold and installed fabric transpired solar collectors in both the agricultural sector and commercial buildings. Solar space heating is Sunreps sector. Currently our solar collectors are pre-heating fresh air for commercial rooftop heating and air conditioning units and poultry broiler barns.

Transpired solar collector technology has been recognized by the "American Society of Mechanical Engineer" as one of 80, of the most important inventions discovered in the past 200. An ASME museum dedicated to the "80 inventions" and other ASME books validate this fact. Solarwall, the original transpired solar collector is made of metal. Sunreps transpired solar collectors use the same solar technology as Solarwall but employs a different collector material, porous black geotextile fabric. Currently, Solarwall is considered the world's most cost-effective solar collection system. Sunreps' fabric collectors are equal in efficiency to Solarwall but up are advantageously 4 times less expensive. It is now cost-effective for any commercial building north of the Mason-Dixon line that uses rooftop heating units to go solar with the installation of Sunreps' fabric collectors. A small installation of collectors can reduce a building's space heating requirements up to 20% annually. Sunreps system does not add energy to access the solar energy. Sunreps system uses the RTU's blower fan as its power source and it uses non-electrical technology to by-pass the RTU when heating is not required. No electricians or HVAC professionals are required to make the solar installation it is a separate and unique add-on that assists the heating of a building.