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Our smart microsensors are able to scan the quality of fuel to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions up to 30% with e-fuels

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Founder 2005
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Founders Alain LUNATI
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SP3H has developped new generation of smart sensors (IR scanners) able to measure in real time and on continuous mode the molecular structure of organic fluids. Sensor are designed to work in harsh environnement, on-line for process industries digitalization : energy efficiency, eneryg savings thanks to a better production control and on-board for vehicle CO2 and pollutants (HC, PM, NOx) reduction. For Transportation market, our FuelBOX allows to co-optimize engine in real time according to the fuel, with savings up to 30% using xTl (BtL, HVO) or up coming e-fuels (PtL). After 15 years of R&D, PoC with world wide industrial leaders and 20 millions Euro investments, our technology, protected by a portfolio of 11 patents families is ready to be commercialize and to ramp-up to reduce world-wide carbon footprint in transportation (PC, Trucks, off-road, aviation, trains, farm...) and key process industries (Refining, chemical, food...). Our FluidBOX are smart, with BLE connectivity and low energy consumption ( inf. 3W)
Headquarters aix en provence

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SP3H is the leader in the development of industrial miniaturized and low cost spectrometers for the measurement of fluids by near infrared transmission. Our SpectroBOX products are robust enough to be implemented in harsh environments, for quality control of online fluids and real-time optimization of manufacturing processes (batch or continuous). Compact and robust, offering high stability and precision for their size, our SpectroBOX systems are calibrated over a temperature range from -20°C to 85°C, without any compromise on performance.

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Categories of applicationIndustry, innovation and infrastructureSector of applicationIndustrial processes Status Tested implementation

The SP3H team has been the first one to develop a miniaturized near infrared Fluid Quality sensor (The Fluidbox), smart and robust enough to be implemented in harsh environments for on-board & real time fuel quality monitoring. Our fully automatized solutions enable to digitalize the fuel molecular structure to turn it into valuable fuel quality and fuel variability information especially for PtL and BtL fuels. This unique fuel/engine co-optimization solution has demonstrated its ability to reduce CO2 emissions, vehicle consumption by 2% to 30% and a reduction in pollutant emissions such as particulate matter (PM) Nitrogen (NOx) up to 20%.

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Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communitiesSector of applicationRenewable fuels, Urban and inter-urban mobility Status Tested implementation