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Plastic waste manager for the transformation and production of plastic wood, 100% recycled and recyclable.

Type Company
Founded 2002
Company Size 16
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Founders José Vicente Sainz Pérez
Headquarters 26540 Alfaro, La Rioja, Spain
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SOLTECO is the only spanish manufacturer, with almost 20 years of experience in the market, dedicated to the research and development of plastic recycling processes for their transformation into profiles or urban furniture. We use NON-RECYCLABLE (or reject) plastics as raw material whose destination is incineration or burial in landfills. We differentiate ourselves from other European manufacturers because we only use those materials that end up being buried or incinerated, and we also do not use water in our transformation process. We use as raw material the remainder or rejection plastic fraction (mixed plastic polymers) from Urban, Industrial, Agricultural and Livestock Solid Waste, which cannot be reused in other processes. Starting from reject plastics we obtain a 100% reusable and recyclable product (Plastic Wood), through a clean dry production cycle (without leachate) that does not generate new waste, maintaining the life cycle indefinitely, which are re-integrated into the system as a non-polluting, finished product. Our production process transforms these rejected plastics into a product with high added value (PLASTIC WOOD), giving them a new use and extending their useful life for a long time. We have a multidisciplinary work team that, from an initial situation study, will offer you a detailed alternative to the management, transformation and reuse of reject plastic, ending in the development of valued elements appropriate for solutions in urban furniture, civil works and any other nature, with long durability and technical characteristics that do not require any maintenance, lowering costs as well as being environmentally responsible. We get involved in each project, which allows us to get to know the client better, informing them of the transformation process of plastic waste and access to our SOLTECO PROFILE product line in economic circularity. We adapt to the client's needs and not the other way around, putting our “knowledge and expertise” at their service in the field of recycled plastic, social innovation and bringing the circular economy closer through Solteco products. We focus our projects on specific results, both in the commercialization of raw materials and SOLTECO products (origin, durability, design ...) and in strategic consulting. We try to provide a work focused on social innovation, creativity and professionalism at the hand of the client, since in most cases we work with specific products / services unknown by the large markets. We focus our relationship with the client on professional deontology, commitment and empathy in order to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We develop a strategic and comprehensive vision that we adapt to the demands of each client, always seeking to combine environmental, social and economic sustainability, focusing our work philosophy on the circular economy, local economy, social economy and innovative public green purchasing, for which We collaborate with special employment centers or job placement companies to create jobs for people with some type of disability or with problems of labor exclusion, or what is the same "Inclusive Employment" through training in apprenticeship in carpentry and in the marketing of finished products. We are committed to innovation in a context of energy transition, valuing plastic rejection through a system of complete circularity differentiating us from the rest of Waste Managers.
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Headquarters 26540 Alfaro, La Rioja, Spain

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