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SkyQuest is an eco-conscious social enterprise based on AI driven virtual prospecting program developed over last 40 years. We have deployed our technology to map, identify, develop & manage decentralized, Renewable perennial water sources for drinking water, irrigation and industrial use.

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Founder 2014
Company Size 50
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Founders Akash Bhavsar
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006, India
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We have developed a proprietary "Virtual Prospecting Program" that provides 98% accuracy in detecting perennial, sustainable water sources across the most parts of the world by using our proprietary algorithms based on [i]neural network [ii] fuzzy logic [iii] pattern recognition on top of our global datasets looking for markers that can indicate flowing water sources, between the depths of 250-800 meters and predicting the flow-rate, quality and temperature of perennial water sources with 92% accuracy. Our Solution addresses the Water related risks which would cost the world USD 100 Million by 2035 due to Physical Water Stress as it has critical impact on the regions prosperity, food security & socio-economic development. Our solution is a combination of 3 key Innovative components that enable us to access the crustal water through water veins/underground rivers 1. Proprietary Global Hydrogeological Data sets 2. Artificial Intelligence driven Virtual Prospecting System 3. Eco-conscious Drilling Process
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006, India

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