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Sharing mobility for urban transport - Light electric vehicle for the last mile - Bicar

The Bicar is designed as an all-in-one device suitable for every purpose. Bicar is meant to support multimodal behaviour and provide a solution to be integrated in the Smart City concept. It is an efficient sharing vehicle developed for city traffic providing a solution for the first and last mile in combination with other mobility forms. Bicar was developed by the slogan "Reduce to the specs". Based on the actual requirements of the sharing-operators and user, Bicar is constructed for urban short-distance mobility. Accordingly, the significant reduction of investment and maintenance-costs, convenient use and intuitive operation (to support sharing affinity) plus the low space requirements (decreasing parking fees and search traffic) can be optimized compared to the standard Carsharing vehicle.

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Last Mile Mobility Solution

Offer Last Mile Mobility Solution

All-in-one emission-free and sustainable mobility sharing system based on a specifically designed vehicle: the BICAR

BICAR: Better than conventional mobility solutions Conventional sharing mobility solutions offering bikes or scooters are known to reach only about 30% of their user potential, due to bad weather conditions and the fact that mostly younger, athletic and more likely male users are attracted. The BICAR is specifically designed for use in all weather conditions by all age and social groups and requires no personal fitness or motorbike experience. It makes up for the disadvantages of public transport: no fixed stopping points and time tables, no waiting time for the user, and no reduced or even stopped service at less busy hours. The BICAR is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, offering a safe and comfortable possibility to travel short and medium distances.

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