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SDSμ-Scubbers & Separators increase the yield of industrial processes and reduce emission of harmful gases & particles.

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Founder 2017
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Founders Cor Saris, Albert van Lawick van Pabst
Headquarters 5211 BS 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
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SDSμ-Scubbers & Separators increase the yield of (methanol, ammonia, urea,…) production and reduce the emission of harmful gases (CO2 SO2, H2S, NH3,..) as well as small particles ( CO, metal oxides, urea,..) in chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-industrial processes.. Owing to this unique separation technology, yields, cost savings and emission targets can be realized that are either not feasible with existing separation technologies or only realizable at much higher investment- and operational costs. For example, an efficiency increase of 0.1% in the methanol industry leads to 1+ Euro million extra yield with an investment payback of less than 0.5 years. Emission targets can be typically realized at 50% of the cost in comparison with conventional separation techniques.
Headquarters 5211 BS 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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SDSμ-Scrubbers capture 100% of particles down to 0.5 micron in industrial process gas at lower investment. The system is factor 5 - 7 smaller (1.0m in diameter, 2m high) and cheaper (depending on the application, none or fewer consumables are needed, lower pressure losses and less maintenance). The efficiency of traditional separation vessels, cyclones and mesh-separators is too low, preventing the effective removal from gas flows of particles smaller than 6 – 10 micron. As replacement of filters is not needed, downtime and maintenance cycles are also further improved.

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