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98 2 Thnou St, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Samatoa Lotus Textile

Samatoa Lotus Textiles is the Most Spiritual Fabric in the World. We offer a wide range of natural fabrics, while implementing the best socially responsible manufacturing techniques.

Samatoa’ s concept is based on the belief that sustainable economic development is intrinsically linked to social equity and environmental protection. With this motto in mind, over the years we have developed a wide range of Lotus fabric blended with Kapok, Silk, Cotton or Banana to meet the demand of fashion designers for quality and easy to work fabric. Our fabrics are particularly light, breathable, wrinkle free, fast drying, thanks to the properties of each of the natural fibres we use. Samatoa is responsible from yarn to finished product, without intermediaries or outside providers. This is how the company ensures the quality of each of its products while ensuring a positive impact on its environment.

Company Samatoa Lotus Textile

Lotus Tec

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Lotus Tec is a revolutionary composite fibre made from up-cycled plastic bottles and our production Lotus stem waste.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles (SLT) develops fibres and fabrics that improve environmental conditions and provide employment opportunities for women in rural areas. Currently SLT produces a broad range of textiles for the luxury market produced from environmentally sustainable Lotus stems. However, SLT seeks to expand impact with the development of Lotus Tec®, a revolutionary composite fibre made from up-cycled plastic bottles (PET) and our production waste – the lotus stems. The existing manufacturing process generates over 400 tons of disposable Lotus stem waste. The new fibre will be the result of the blending of these unused materials with recycled plastics bottles, creating over 150,000 meters of affordable and innovative fabrics for fashion retailers. Unlike recycled polyester, this fabric could offer unlimited property possibilities, through different combination of fibres: the design fabric incorporates specific desired properties, with a weaving based on properties and quantities required, the cost structure of the customer, and their lead-times; eliminating overproduction. With this considerable competitive edge, we expect to capture 0.1% of market share (i.e., 1 million final users) in the high-technology ecological fabric market, composed of eco-friendly and natural fabric suppliers (organic cotton, hemp suppliers) and high-technology synthetic fabric suppliers. Lotus Tec® is the result of the relentless work of a multicultural team, brought together by Awen Delaval, the founder of SAMATOA, and composed of Cambodian and European experts, each with their own know-how and skills, but sharing the desire to address the greater social needs of Cambodia. And indeed, our fully integrated process follows the logic of the circular economy, to fulfil our environmental and social commitments: creating an affordable and ecological alternative to current standardized textile manufacturing while clearing Cambodian land fields of plastic bottles on one hand and providing vulnerable Cambodian women with vocational training, decent wages, dependable employment and economic empowerment.

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