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Mr. Jean-Paul Augereau is the founding member of the endowment Fund "Safe Water Cube" and President of the Association "Agir Ensemble" located in Nantes (44) France. The goal is to change the face of the World by meaningful act by providing drinking water to developing countries through our immediate solution: the Fountain "Safe Water Cube". Our main objectives are : - to improve health for all by stopping diseases causes by regular consumption of poor water quality - to train the population granted fountain Safe Water Cube how to use it - to raise the local people's awareness of the vital importance of drinking clean water every day - to save health (of children) for a continued schooling - to create a social link between schools worldwide through teaching material that we have created on the topic of water and health - to take part, with local partners, in the realization of circular economy. "2.6 Million people still die every year due to water-related deseases and unsanitary environment ; 600,000 are less than 5 years old and die mainly of diarrheal diseases"

Type Non-profit project
Founder 2016
Company Size 5
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Founders Mr. Jean-Paul AUGEREAU
Headquarters 44390 Casson, France
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Mr. Augereau designed and improved a simple device, sustainable and easy to use, to give potable water to the people living in remote villages of the developing countries. The "Safe Water Cube" fountain makes surface water drinkable (river, pond, well or brackish water). The innovation, duly certified by Bailiff, does not require energy nor chemicals and is entirely mobile & mechanical and maintenance free. It works by manual filling and the treatment of the surface water is made by ultrafiltration: five steps non-chemical filtration process that stops all viruses and bacteria, without destroying the minerals in the water. Our fountain can treat 1,000 liters hourly, equal to 150,000 liters monthly. Our association is working in conjuction with the local associations and the responsables of the villages to insure the safety of the fountain and the payment of the salary of 2 people by each family of the village. These 2 people are duly trained by our Association at the time of the implementation of our fontain(s) mainly located in the schools of their villages.
Headquarters 44390 Casson, France

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