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routeRANK provides IT door-to-door and multimodal solutions for travel and mobility.

routeRANK addresses the entire door-to-door route by integrating all relevant modes of transport such as air, rail, public transport, P+Rail, P+Ride, car, rental car, car sharing, car pooling, e-bike, bike, walk and their many multimodal combinations. In a single search, our patented technology finds and ranks the best possible routes, allowing users to sort them according to multiple criteria such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions. A significant reduction of CO2 can be achieved by combining different means of transports. Specifically, we provide customized and integrated versions of the following solutions: * For Internet portals and travel-related websites: The Whitelabel is available to Internet portals and travel-related websites. It shows transport options and fares. Direct booking with the relevant provider. Help to improve service to visitors, attracts traffic and monetization of external links. https://business.routerank.com/de/whitelabel-version/ * For visitors: The routeRANK widget is available for the relevant pages of any website, such as ‘how to find us’. Help visitors save travel costs and planning of trips. https://business.routerank.com/de/widget/ * For Business travel: Total Trip Planning (TTP) provides door-to-door solutions for travel managers. It reduces organization's travel costs by 35%, save planning time by up to 2.5 hours per trip and reduces organization's carbon footprint. https://business.routerank.com/de/geschaeftsreisen/ * For parking management: commuteRANK parking management analyses organizations’ commuter trip options and fairly attributes limited parking to employees. Solve parking problem management and attribution. Guarantees transparency and traceability of parking attribution. https://business.routerank.com/de/pendler/ *For corporate mobility. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) allows to manage fleet and mobility budget of companies. https://business.routerank.com/corporate-mobility-portal/