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Andy Lera



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Responsible consumption and production



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Rising Sun Innovations

Providing energy efficient solutions for plastic waste management and ocean cleanup efforts.

Plastic waste is a worldwide problem that is a significant contributor to climate change. From the depths of the oceans where lanternfish are mistaking plastic for plankton, researchers are finding that these very fish have the ability to reduce human-caused CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by an estimated 20%-35% by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere to the ocean floor These fish however are dying from malnutrition which may be able to be prevented if plastic is stopped from entering the ocean and also cleaned from the ocean. This is where our machines come in to handle the plastic waste before it enters the environment and after it is cleaned from the ocean. We have completed a 2 year pilot project including ocean derived plastics and are ready to deploy these machines on a commercial basis. The services we offer are customized consulting to determine best equipment for each clients needs. As well, we are developing new equipment to address deficiencies identified with current technologies.


Advanced waste plastic to fuel process

Ultra energy efficient plastic pyrolisis for co-mingled unsorted waste streams

Our concept design utilizes the most energy efficient pyrolisis method to convert waste plastic streams in to ultra low sulfur refined fuels. Our method has the potential to utilize a wide range of plastic waste with varying amounts of contamination. We are seeking investors to help bring this to the next level of development and soon to commercialization.

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Affordable and clean energy, Responsible consumption and production

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Energy from waste, Circular economy of solid wastes