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We are an emerging product certification, certifying products that are simply and affordably repairable.

Repairably is an eco-innovative approach to design, manufacture and use of long-term customer products in a responsible and sustainable manner. We are non-profit organization following strict sustainability and ethical principles. We create an ecosystem for simple repair, providing a platform for consumers, designers, producers and repair services and their mutual relationships. Repiarably Manifesto and its 10 principles (read more on our webpage) was formulated with a vision to create universally accepted standard and rules that would serve as a platform for new generation of products, services, customer use patterns and product life cycle compatible with the circular economy. Repairably as a platform will be easily accessible to manufacturers to introduce repairable products, to small business to service and repair repairable products, to consumers to recognize, buy and repair repairable products and to local and national governments to support and promote eco innovation and ecological behavior in the adoption of circular economy. We believe that sustainability is not a matter of self sacrifice, but a matter of invention.