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Eva-Catrin Reinhardt




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Together towards energy transition, for more love, respect, transparency, responsibility and trust within our economy.

Founded in 2008 in Berlin, rds energies GmbH has been supporting the international expansion of renewable energies with various services for ten years. In addition to innovative services and digital business models, Managing Director Eva-Catrin Reinhardt has developed various models to support the growth of renewable energy companies. For example, with our current , we find roof areas from 3,000 square meters for photovoltaic companies. With our rds acquisition services we are looking for cooperation and financing partners for turnkey and greenfield PV systems in the international energy market. The basis of our activity is our know-how in the transaction market with more than 4,500 market contacts to developers, investors and EPCs and over 100 contract partners. rds energies and its partners are committed to sustainability –– in their core business and in their handling. With our sustainability strategy, we make our world, the economy and our working life fairer, more humane and more sustainable. For this purpose, we involve our financiers, customers, employees and partners who want to create a world with us that is still worth living in for future generations. More at,