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Trust, Security, Neutrality. The European & Ethics search engine that respects privacy and neutrality.

Qwant, the only ethical and European search engine The search engine Qwant respects the personal data of individuals, administrations and companies, and is committed in particular to the right to privacy and freedom of enterprise. Qwant works without collecting personal data of its users and guarantees that the searches carried out remain confidential. Qwant offers a neutral and panoramic view of the internet: the sources of information are decompartmentalized, the richness of the Web and its reality are clearly displayed in a single page : no discrimination according to the sites or the contents and no modification of the results according to the user. Qwant, a lever of innovation, a growth accelerator In parallel of its search engine, Qwant technology allows constant innovation to offer new developments that facilitate everyday life, connect and accelerate growth. It enables the development of corporate solutions that meet the challenges of Trust, Security and Neutrality. Constant innovation for internet uses adapted to the needs of users: Qwant Junior, Qwant Music, Qwant Games ... A technology that allows to bring ethic in 3 core domains for all the ecosystems users of the Internet: Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence ... Qwant is committed to accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to its ethical approach, Qwant carries a daily ambition: the internet and personal data create value that must be shared. Users must see their data protected but also receive a share of the value created through these data ("self date empowerment"). Qwant does not make charity business and carries concrete actions. No greenwashing. Qwant deploys actions that truly respect the environment. Qwant is committed to promote and developp on the ground economic, social and environmental actions, through its various partnerships.


The Efficient Solutions World Search Engine - Internet Climate Action

Digital platform for Climate Action and efficient solution based on an ethical search engine.

The Efficient Solutions Search Engine - Internet Climate Action offers sereral layers: I. Qwant will offer a « vertical » search engine dedicated to Climate Action. It provides for 1/ an indexation of web pages (world & specific database, social networks, news…) devoted to Climate action which respects Privacy & Neutrality, 2/ a dedicated interface and a labeled “Alliance for efficient solution". II. This specific search engine, part of, will also include a crowdfunding / crowdlanding platform for fields actions. For instance, it will higlight one of our conrete action : the partnership for the crowdlanding of renewable energy plants in La Réunion Island (Indian Ocean). The results of the last AkuoCoop campaign with Qwant is the following : 300,000 euros collected from 315 lenders : 34,000 visitors during the 2 months of the promotional campaign on The platform could also include campaign from other partners which share the same values. III. This platform will also offer a special item to connect volunteers with project leaders on the fields to foster actions. IV. Finally, the Climate Action Search engine, will be the home of the "Wood/Timber Fund" dedicated to reforestation and production of renewable energy from biomass, with partners in particular AkuoEnergy.