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Applying coatings of the future

Qlayers is a passionate company situated in Delft, The Netherlands, that is building the machines to apply the coatings of the future since 2017. Qlayers develops the Slash (two patents pending), an automated printing head which applies off the shelve coatings in a locally controlled environment with high speed. The unique feedback system and shielding enable to safely coat large surfaces on any location under almost all weather conditions, without overspray. In addition, our system can measure layer thickness and controls all parameters that influence the coating process in real-time. In this way, our customers can deliver a full automatic report to their customers. The Slash avoids large energy consuming coating facilities, uses up to 50% less paint, creates a safer workplace and avoids damage claims caused by bad coating quality. It’s our vision to use the Slash to apply the coatings of the future. The locally protected environment in which the Slash operates serves as a mini laboratory that enables to add functionalities to surfaces in the future. Currently, Qlayers is the only company that can easily print new functional microstructures such as ‘sharkskin’ riblets with the patent pending Graviton. Applying sharkskin microstructures on wind turbines, airplanes, ships and high-speed trains reduces friction with air or water with 3-8%. This translates directly into a higher energy efficiency. In this way, we can save up to 8.000 ton CO2 per year per large ship and 4.400 ton CO2 per year per aircraft. For wind turbine blades the microstructures can increase the energy output up to 264.000 kWh per year per 2MW wind turbine.

Company Qlayers

Smart printing head

Offer Smart printing head

Our technology applies the industrial coatings of the future to increase energy efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions.

We are the only company worldwide that eliminates overspray and can coat on any location, under different weather conditions. On the longer term, the locally controlled environment created in our printing head allows us to print microstructures such as 'sharkskin' riblets on large industrial surfaces. Our printing head allows us to apply the coatings of the future.

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