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Mónica Abarca, Carlos Saito & Francisco Cuellar



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Our objective is monitoring air quality continously anytime and anywhere.

qAIRa: Know your air, become the change. Air is the most valuable resource of our planet and nowadays is being threatened by the high levels of pollution: bad air quality causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, 7 million people die each year. It also contributes to climate change. The current solution for air quality monitoring consists of dispersed networks of static stations that capture isolated information in small areas and limited heights; these cost approximately $ 300,000.00 in implementation. This is a costly and non-scalable solution. qAIRa, Guardian of the Air, has the main objective of monitoring air quality continuously anytime and anywhere. qAIRa proposes to complement the dispersed networks of air quality monitoring, with dynamic, scalable and high density networks conformed by drones and modules that measure in real time the environmental contamination (gases, dust, climate). Our low-cost technological tools are efficient for environmental monitoring in wide areas. The information is processed using big data analytics and is democratized through a map of global pollution in a mobile application, with the purpose of empowering the people to know the air they breathe and even ask their authorities for actions in favor of the environment. In 2013, around 9,500 million metric tons of carbon were emitted globally, of which 21% were from industrial activities; Peru contributed with 0.2% of these greenhouse gas emissions. The economic and political situation is favorable for businesses related to the care and protection of the environment. The governments are more demanding in the compliance of environmental laws (in Peru the law establishes the Environmental Quality Standards and Maximum Allowable Levels) and are more aware in their controls, this drives companies into being responsible in the use of their resources and increase their environmental controls. Besides of this, people are everyday more concerned about their health and the protection of the environment. qAIRa develops in-house technology in hardware and software, which are robust for difficult geographical conditions (operations at 5000 masl), autonomous and connected through mobile 4G internet. The products qAIRa offers are the following:  qAIR: unmanned aerial system for air quality monitoring.  qHAWAX: fixed module for continuous air quality monitoring.  qDUST: unmanned aerial system for dust detection.  qEYE: unmanned aerial system for industrial and environmental safety.  qLAND: unmanned aerial system for topographical mapping.  qFARM: unmanned aerial system for precision agriculture.  qMAP: specialized software that shows in mobile application the real-time air quality information of qAIRa’s products and other equipment that measure environmental pollution. The members of qAIRa are recognized professionals in the innovation and entrepreneurship fields, with experience in robotics and environmental projects. qAIRa has key alliances with national and international institutions. At the national level, with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy of Peru (SNMPE), the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI). Internationally, with the accelerators 1776 from USA and Seedstars from Switzerland.

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Module for continuous air quality monitoring

QHAWAX is a small, low-cost module for continuous air quality monitoring designed for posts in urban areas with the aim of measuring urban air pollution.
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