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Pure Waste Textiles

Pure Waste textiles, we make ecologically sustainable and premium quality 100% recycled fabrics and yarns. This makes us unique. Our products are entirely made out of recycled textile waste and offer the consumer the same quality and comfort as those made out of virgin materials. To meet the growing demand for ecological fabric solutions we utilized our long expertise in sustainable design and developed a global textile recycling and manufacturing supply chain. We source textile waste on a global scale and recycle it into fabrics and yarns.

AT PURE WASTE, WE MEASURE PROFITS PURELY BY THE WELLBEING OF THE PLANET. WE USE TEXTILE WASTE, AN OTHERWISE VALUELESS MATERIAL, AND RECYCLE IT INTO SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS. WE CHOSE TO CONCENTRATE ON COTTON BECAUSE IT’S THE MOST USED, YET LEAST RECYCLED FABRIC, AND IT DEMANDS AN UNBEARABLE AMOUNT OF WATER TO GROW. THE PURE WASTE PHILOSOPHY We, at Pure Waste, know that everything we do has an impact on something, somewhere. We know that sustainability and quality go together. We believe that fashion and ecological thinking should go together too. OUR STORY The roots of our company come from the Nordic tradition of recycling, and the clean and pure environment of our native Finland. We first began experimenting with industrial leftover materials with our first-born Costo – a company that specialises in sustainable textile accessories. We were committed to make only ecological and otherwise ethical choices, and without compromises. So when we couldn’t find a fabric that was 100 % recycled, we decided to develop it ourselves. OUR VISION “Pure Waste” is our promise to use only materials that would otherwise go to waste. We also wish to challenge the whole perception of waste. Pure Waste is recycling upgraded. Our vision is to recreate the fashion industry, and lead it into a future of sustainability. We want to industrialise textile recycling globally as a common practice.

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