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Possible Planet / CRCS

We're a nonprofit organisation focused on clean energy and climate solutions.

PossiblePlanet.org, provides a context in which our individual projects come together as part of a coherent whole. We show how Regenerative Finance is working at the local level to save money through energy efficiency and renewable energy — and how it can work at the global level to avert catastrophic climate change. We’ll explore how people of all ages can thrive in Eco-Communities that enhance quality of life, health and happiness. And we’ll share the world of prosperity, equality and contribution that flows from the Cooperative Economy. These initiatives are happening now and they are paving new paths to the future.

Possible Planet / Center for Regenerative Community Solutions / New Jersey PACE / RegenerativeFinancing.org. Fiscal sponsor of Ecovillager NJ, Ecovillagers Alliance, and Global 4C, a monetary policy using a complementary currency to reward actions that lessen the risk of climate catastrophe.

Company Possible Planet / CRCS