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Platypus craft

Platypus craft is a french company handling a totally new concept of a boat able to navigate on the surface as a standard boat and under the water wit ha semi submersible position. This unique ability allows platypus craft to address several purposes from leisure to environmental such as plastic detection & collection.



Blue Platypus is a new craft able to detect & collect plastic wastes from surface or underwater

Based on a totally new leisure craft concept, the BLUE PLATYPUS is aiming to provide a working boat to cleaning companies able to detect & collect plastic wastes from surface or underwater: the BLUE PLATYPUS first version called KNIGHT (in reference as it will fight against the plastic invasion) is a boat looking like a 7m length trimaran in aluminium able: - to navigate at 16 knots on the surface in order to arrive quickly on an area the cleaning company operators want to control, - activate a pump to clean the surface as many cleaning boat are able to do already - activate a submarine position specific to the "platypus" concept, enabling the craft to position the central hull at 2m depth with the collector and operators under the water, enabling to detect and collect mid water (1 to 2m depth) plastic wastes. - the submarine position is also enabling operators to have a 360° view underwater to observe and detect plastic wastes resting on the seabed - at last the submarine position is allowing the pilot (also underwater on the central hull) to follow the operators who can collect wastes on the seabed thanks to the same collector and pump (it is looking like a vacuum cleaner) while walking on the seabed followed by the blue platypus knight. Good to know: - pilot and operators are breathing thanks to a hookah system: no tank! - pilot is watching surface thanks to a digital periscop, a 360° camera on the surface is capturing all images displayed on a waterproof monitor in front of the pilot - the hookah system can have a 15m depth capacity thanks to its high pressure and a 25m length pipe maximum

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Clean water and sanitation

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Water treatment

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