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  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Responsible consumption and production



Perryman Technologies Aircraft Adaptation

Perryman Technologies Non Combustion Brayton Cycle Engines

Perryman Technologies Full Spectrum Solar Thermal


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perryman technologies

Perryman Technologies has products and technologies that can be adapted to a wide range of projects. Applications include the provision of clean, renewable, low-cost energy for electricity, heating, cooling, food and material production, transportation and water management.


SolChill'S Perryman Technologies

developed & tested scalable thermal battery system that cost a fraction of the least expensive electro-chemical battery

SolChill’s Perryman Technologies provide a new definition of disruptive technology. We have developed and commercially tested thermal battery system that cost a fraction of the least expensive electro-chemical battery. Uses a 10th of the space and weighs less than half. Our technologies can be adapted to provide heat, cooling, and cheaper electrical energy, collected from waste night time electricity from the grid, wind farms. Solar thermal and Photovoltaic generation. Our technologies offer a cost-effective method to retrofit existing coal-fired power plants and gas "peakers" with a less expensive completely clean energy source. The technology can be adapted to retrofit and diesel engine, any size; ships, trains, trucks, and cars, totally eliminating particulates, CO2, NOX, SOX and even reducing noise pollution. Perryman’s technology can retrofit any gas turbines, including aircraft and electrical generation equipment. Our storage batteries are totally transportable and range in sizes from 30,000 kW hours of thermal energy that’s the size of a 20-foot ocean container to home and retail units the size of a home boiler and is able to meet all the energy needs of a building from waste electrical energy as well as providing 3-7 days of emergency backup. We have inertial dampened thermal batteries small enough or cars, trucks, trains, and planes. Units that can provide ocean vessels with enough energy to refuel yearly, only nuclear power vessels can go longer between refueling. Our technologies were developed in cooperation and know-how of the most respected and oldest ceramic manufacture on the planet and some of the largest European manufacturing groups. Our solutions are available now to meet the needs of grid storage, emergency energy needs, residential energy need and offer a totally clean alternative to combustion in the transportation sectors. We have developed patented transportation applications for scaled-down versions of our battery to provide a non-combustion alternative for Brayton Cycle Turbines and Brayton Cycle Engines. Providing a totally transportable high-density heat source to power ICE's with compressed air and heat; or using liquid nitrogen as a propellant with heat from our thermal battery. We can convert any turbine engine with a simple modification of the combustion canister adding a heat exchanger or any diesel or petroleum engine by injecting liquid nitrogen and high temperature thermal into the piston allowing simple retrofitting of any ICE.

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Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production

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Water production, Clean energy production, Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Industrial processes, Materials and chemistry, Freight transportation, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters, Agriculture and farming for food production, Primary resources management

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