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Pennine Energy Innovation

Pennine Energy Innovation is a 51% black-owned company that is committed to alternative energy, water and sanitation - committed to making a real difference in the lives of people - to address environmental concerns with innovative products and solutions in the emerging ‘alternative energy and environment’ sector. Pennine Energy Innovation has developed a patented waterless toilet called SavvyLoo.

SavvyLoo, an innovative approach to waterless sanitation, is a desiccating toilet comprising a slightly conical disc that separates diarrhoeic and other liquids from solids. Liquids drain into a soak-away via a central liquids sump. Solids adhere to the rotating disc’s surface and are guided by a fixed ‘spiral guide’ during the desiccation process until dry. The bio-solids (approximately 15% of the original mass) is deposited into a waste liner housed in a waste receptacle for easy removal and downstream beneficiation.