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Jean-Patrick Scheepers




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Peas&Love is the new generation of urban farms. Our philosophy: "we plant, we maintain, you harvest".

Each farm Peas&Love is composed of parcels of vegetable gardens maintained by a Community Farmer. Peas&Love offers residents an annual subscription giving access to both the harvest of local fruits and vegetables, seasonal, grown with organic production method and to common spaces and experiences to take advantage of the nature in heart of the city. Our credo: it is not because you don’t have the time, the place or the knowledge that you can’t enjoy a vegetable garden and all the benefits that it provides. Our ambition: The societal impact is at the heart of the project with a particular focus on health through the nutritious aspects of products with a focus on traceability & taste, and the promotion of a better nutrition and good practices during workshops. Peas&Love creates social links between users and residents by participating to the local network of associations. Peas&Love also creates an ecosystem in non-valued urban spaces and provides ecological services to the city such as reintroducing biodiversity, reducing of heat islands as well as improving air quality and rainy water use, and benefits the insulation and maintenance of buildings.

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