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Gem Ln, Nairobi, Kenya

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Nick Sparks, Majd Cheeya and and Alexandre Allegue




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Pawame LTD

Pawame is lighting up off-grid, rural communities, with our PayGo Solar Home Solution. #solar #energy #technology

Pawame's solar home system provides affordable, clean energy, benefiting the health of our customers and the planet. Providing light to communities, only reflects the completion of our first aim. We want to enhance the opportunities that light brings, from social inclusion, to health, to education. We have an amazing ability to connect with previously neglected off-grid communities. Our solar kits can charge mobile phones, as well as other appliances like stoves and fridges. Enabling the constant use of mobile phones, allows our customers to communicate with us, allowing best in class customer service, and communicate with anyone they desire. Our customers can also pay for their energy through mobile money platforms, advancing their financial capabilities into the 21st Century. Pawame's support is not over after installing our solar system. Through providing out customers with technology, we can connect them to products and help finance their growth.