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Francisco Duarte



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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Pavnext develops technological solutions to implement in the road pavement to promote safer, smarter and sustainable cities.

Pavnext turns the road pavement into a technological infrastructure. We provide a solution based on a device to implement on the road pavement surface that allows kinetic energy to be extracted from vehicles and consequently reduce their motion speed without any action of the driver and without impacting the vehicle, thus promoting road safety at locations where it is required to circulate at low speed. The energy captured is then converted into electrical energy, which is produced without associated emissions and can be used in public street lighting, crosswalks, sensors, traffic lights, charging electric bicycles or even injected into the power grid. Additionally, Pavnext also provides real-time data regarding traffic and velocity, as well as generated and consumed energy, which are sent to the cloud and later used to generate reports and to optimize energy consumption in real time, promoting energy efficiency.


Pavnext SRE

Pavnext SRE consists of an equipment to implement in the pavement that promotes safer, smarter and sustainable cities.

Pavnext SRE consist of a device to implement in the road pavement surface that, without affect or interfere with the vehicles motion or ride comfort allows to reduce their speed without any driver action, by extracting kinetic energy from the vehicles, promoting road safety. This energy is then converted into electricity with a very high efficiency, which can be used to supply electrical devices in the place or injected into the grid. Also, it monitors traffic, speed and energy, allowing to manage the electrical consumption of the place in real time and to provide reports about these variables to local authorities.

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Affordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities

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Energy storage, Clean energy production, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures