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A community of engineers, programmers, scientists, economists, policy-makers, artists and adventurers trying to solve the biggest challenges of the modern times.

Paripos has been incorporated to provide mechanisms for sustainable development through technological, financial and policy intervention. Sustainability is a wicked problem i.e. the problem definition keeps on changing with acquisition of more information and knowledge. Also, problems like these don’t have a spatial or temporal boundary and hence can’t be addressed through traditional problem-solving techniques and mechanisms. The present institutional setup works on a linear approach to address every problem and any effort with that attitude to solve a wicked problem would be futile. This is probably the reason why no major breakthroughs could be achieved even decades after the issues of climate change and global warming and hence the need for adaptation of sustainable development mechanisms became evident. The organization acknowledges the fact that the problem of sustainable development could be achieved only through Adaptive problem-solving techniques. It’s a technical, commercial and social problem and all the institutions in these areas will have to work in close collaboration among themselves and with all the stakeholders and practically every living being is a stakeholder. The flagship product MyOliveBooks is the domain of providing infrastructure for providing quality education and training.andPrimarily the organization works on the nexus of Energy, Agriculture, Water, Climate & Livelihood

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