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We are developing the next generation of clean public transport, in particular electric trambuses or "road trams"

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Founder 2009
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Founders Jean-Francois Audet, Jean Raymond, Philippe Sabat
Headquarters Montréal, QC H3B 4G7, Canada
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Pantero Group Inc.


Pantero is a design, engineering and research group specialized in advanced solutions for public transportation and urban transit vehicles built on more than 10 years of various R&D efforts. Having determined with industry leaders what the ideal public transit vehicle should be, we are now working toward the development of the next generation of city buses and the first "road tram". At Pantero, we believe that the electrification of commercial vehicles should not be the end result, but the change factor. We have designed from scratch a new vehicle platform tailored for the future.
Headquarters Montréal, QC H3B 4G7, Canada

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Other products

At the heart of the Pantero’s project is a new vehicle platform for energy-efficient and lightweight city buses based on more than 20 years experience in bus and rail engineering. Simply, it is a new way to think and build mass transit vehicles. Based on this platform, we are developing a new electric city bus concept, 25% lighter, highly optimized in terms of usable space for passengers including persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, a vehicle much more maneuverable, safer and cost-effective. But we go further. This bus is itself the foundation of the Pantero’s most innovative concept. The Pantero multi-articulated trambus or road tram concept will be offered in several configurations (2, 3, or 4 modules). The “Quatuor” configuration will be 37 meters long, equivalent to an average tramway, and capable of accommodating up to 300 passengers. Its unique conception will provide unmatched maneuverability for dense urban environements. It seeks to deliver a level of service and a user experience comparable to light rail solutions, with much more flexibility and without the constraints of rail infrastructure (and years of construction in a typically congested city centre). Project costs could therefore be reduced by a factor of ten. Our trambus concept has in fact the best cost per passenger-kilometre of any existing mass transit transportation system. Its aim is to become the ideal solution for high-capacity BRT (bus rapid transit) services in all types of urban environments, all around the world. It is also the perfect complement as a feeder system to any existing urban rail backbone (LRT, trams, etc.).

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