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A super-smart scalable portable energy storage system for grid and off-grid use.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2017
Company Size 3
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Founders Robert Guimarin
Headquarters Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, USA
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Off The Wall Energy Inc.


Problem: Climate Change | Access to reliable and affordable power | Energy Equity Our Personal Energy Platform offers all energy consumers access to reliable and affordable power, whether urban or rural, on-grid or off-grid, homeowner, or renter. The Personal Energy Platform is a portable energy storage system that gives consumers control over their energy usage, increases energy efficiencies, lowers their energy costs, decreases CO2 emissions, provides backup power, and directly supports renewable energy sources like solar and wind. We view energy equity as a core business value and intend to institute practices throughout our operations to develop and deliver products in ways that offer positive socio-economic and ecological benefits to diverse communities, especially those in underserved, disadvantaged, and indigenous communities. The Personal Energy Platform consists of a super-smart power management system, a battery management system, internal batteries providing backup capability, an intuitive mobile app, and connects to global grid AC 120V/240V sources via an AC wall outlet, supports off-grid locations via a direct connection for solar, wind or other DC sources. The Personal Energy Platform is designed to support 1000s of legacy DC-plug connected devices, AC-DC power cord devices, USB devices, AC powered devices, and wireless device charging. For those with grid access, simply plug the Personal Energy Platform (PEP) into an AC outlet, plug your devices into the platform, quickly configure your preferences via the mobile app, and the platform operates autonomously 24/7/365 without further intervention. The use of the platform doesn’t involve utilities or agencies for installations, approvals, or permits. The Personal Energy Platform learns when to purchase the lowest cost cleanest power, when to use stored energy to lower electric bills, maintains uninterrupted power during grid outages, and based on your preferences keeps you informed on outage events and durations. For those with limited or no access to grid power, micro-grids, or centralized solar generation facilities, the Personal Energy Platform’s portability offers the potential to extend power access to isolated communities. Personal Energy Platforms can work in concert with fixed power generation and delivery grids, such that they can be periodically charged up and then taken to remote locations. The Personal Energy Platform supports directly connected solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC power sources which could eliminate or prolong the need to return to the fixed generation source for recharging. The Personal Energy Platform was purposely designed to align with our energy equity values. All of our prospective manufacturing partners are aware of our energy equity commitment. Each has embraced our DFM (design-for-manufacturing), DFA (design-for-assembly), and DFR (design-for-repair) considerations to enable multiple product assembly techniques. Each prospective partner has agreed to actively assist in establishing our regional operations facilities, providing employee training, and assisting with any modifications to the Personal Energy Platform assembly and fulfillment process to adhere to our energy equity objectives. The Personal Energy Platform’s modular design democratizes the affordability of energy storage, allows for scalable capacity, while the platform’s power management system creates the potential for local ecosystems of energy access, energy efficiency, and sustainability providers.
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Headquarters Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, USA

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