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  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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NVPE’s technology is becoming the most sustainable form of energy-positive wastewater treatment on the global market.

NVP Energy (NVPE) is an award-winning cleantech company that has developed the first-to-market, energy-positive, high-rate Anaerobic Digestion (AD) wastewater treatment technology that cleans low-strength wastewater for the global Food & Drink and Municipal wastewater industries very efficiently at low temperatures (unique for AD), at a fraction of the cost of other wastewater treatment technologies and produces renewable energy. Most low-strength wastewater treatment plants employ outdated Aerobic processes to treat their wastewater which have high energy & fossil fuel usage, excess sludge production and carbon emissions. NVP Energy’s revolutionary technology will displace incumbent energy-intensive wastewater treatment installations such as Aerobic processes by significantly cutting operational costs (minimal energy usage and sludge production) and generating renewable energy (carbon neutral). The unique aspect of the NVPE technology is that it is non-temperature dependent and can work at temperatures as low as 4°C and upwards. The internally passive treatment process requires minimum energy input and as the solution requires no external heat input, the biogas generated (over 85% methane) is 100% available for use on site, thus creating a sustainable energy supply for the customer and reducing their dependency on the national grid. NVPE’s technology offers prospective customers the opportunity to address their wastewater treatment needs with an energy generating, low OPEX solution. Innovatively, the NVPE technology is the only high-rate AD system to operate at ambient temperatures, wasting no energy on heating wastewater. In fact, the technology produces more than double the amount of energy it consumes, making it the only solution that can turn wastewater treatment from being an energy-burden into an energy-positive, revenue-generating process, a step-change for the wastewater industry.


NVP Energy Technology

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NVPE’s technology is becoming the most sustainable form of energy-positive wastewater treatment on the global market.

Energy usage in wastewater treatment facilities represents a significant environmental concern (up to approx. 4% of a country’s total energy demand). As an energy positive solution, NVPE represents an easily implementable energy-saving, carbon-neutral solution. NVPE’s approach addresses wastewater as a resource recognising the inherent value in recovering the energy present in the wastewater and converting it to biogas. By recovering this valuable asset rather than letting it ‘down the drain’, NVPE offer a sustainable solution to Food & Drink and Municipal end-users that gives us the commercial edge to become a dominant force in the industry. For Food & Drink/Municipal wastewater sites that have existing/new build WWT plants, NVPE’s compact, modular, odourless, and carbon-neutral solution offers the following economic & environmental benefits: • Decreases wastewater pollutants including COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) by up to 90%, TSS (Total Suspended Solids) by up to 50% and removes all organic sludge content in the wastewater; • Reduces OPEX and plant footprint compared to aerobic installations; • Increases existing wastewater treatment plant capacity for production/WW increases; • Generates biogas with negligible sludge production. For Food & Drink sites that elute wastewater to sewer, the technology: • Reduces trade effluent charges by up to 60%; • Produces high quality biogas (over 85% methane) that is 100% available for use on-site for heat & electricity through existing boilers/CHP; • Short/unmatched payback and ROI in the WW industry. E.g. Heineken’s Bulmer’s Cider Mills plant in Hereford, UK, could not find a system which provided an acceptable payback period to warrant the capital investment of on-site treatment – until they learned of the NVPE technology that is. NVPE will cut Heineken’s annual trade effluent charges by 60% in a payback period of just three years while producing 4,207.64MWh of surplus energy p.a. which is a saving of over 360 tonnes of oil equivalent p.a.

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Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

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Water treatment, Water distribution and use, Clean energy production, Energy from waste, Materials and chemistry, End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Communities infrastructures