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NoPo Nanotechnologies

NoPo manufactures the world's most widely studied Carbon Nanotubes. We are building a foundation on which several new products are created. These products reduce mankind's dependence on nature by creating products that are order of magnitude better

NoPo’s vision is to make space accessible to every human. This requires materials that are strong, radiation resistant and lightweight. A detailed analysis of existing materials revealed such a material; Single Walled Carbon Nanotube. The material showcased enormous potential in laboratories but was difficult to manufacture consistently in large scale. We made it our mission to develop technology to manufacture it consistently in copious quantities. This led to development of the NoPo HiPCO technology. It took 6.5 years to fine tune the technology and reach a point where we are ready to scale. NoPo has been doubling production roughly every quarter for 4 years running. Current production stands at 200g/month. Each increase in production opens up new applications that would be released with partners. The current rate of production allows us to make use of the optical property of Carbon Nanotubes. We are working with ISRO for development of Super Black Coatings that cover star trackers. NoPo has focused efforts on continuously increasing Nanotube production while realizing various applications with partners. This allows us to remain focused on the core strength of Nanotube production and build a large ecosystem of products around us.