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Arnaud DIDEY





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Neoptera Ltd

Neoptera Ltd has since 2001 been supplying expert consultancy services to OEM in the Spacecraft and Aircraft industry. In 2017 we have embarked into the development of what we believe is a unique VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) light aircraft for civil aviation. Our aircraft is particularly suited to the transportation of 2 to 5 passengers or equivalent payload/cargo.

We are developing an eVTOL solution for the transport of air passengers, either recreational or commercial. We have chosen a winged solutions to limit energy consumption and improve range. The concept is also suited for other applications such as Medivac and can carry up to 5 passengers or an equivalent payload of up to 550kg. We are working on both battery and fuel cell powered versions. By looking at VTOL from a slightly different angle, we have made a subtle yet crucial step forward in VTOL design. Our concept features a single mechanism that does not contribute directly to transition, making for a safer, more reliable, more affordable, lighter and more easily certifiable aircraft. We applied for 2 patents in 2017 to protect our concept. Our proposition is to the best of our knowledge, the only truly novel VTOL concept currently in development.