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Exploring for sustainable energy provided by natural hydrogen from newly discovered geological sources

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Founders Viacheslav Zgonnik
Headquarters Denver, CO 80202, USA
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Natural Hydrogen Energy


Free hydrogen has long thought to be rare on Earth... until recently. Several years ago, geologists from our Team predicted and then discovered a new, previously unknown natural phenomenon: many places on the Earth’s crust seep significant quantities of hydrogen gas (H2). The presence of naturally occurring H2 was not recognized before because it is odorless, invisible, tasteless, non-toxic, and most importantly, a very diffusive gas. Natural (geologic) hydrogen is non-fossil resource, meaning its use will not generate any pollution. It can reduce the carbon and pollution footprint of the transportation and chemical industry: hydrogen is the most energy-rich gas and is now considered to be a viable replacement for fossil fuels. Currently, the most common processes used for hydrogen generation require the decomposition of natural gas or electrolysis of water. Such methods produce undesirable by-products and require considerable expense. Therefore, there is a real need for an inexpensive, clean, and sustainable hydrogen source. Moreover, helium in commercial concentrations is often associated with hydrogen. It is a valuable, but very scarce resource and its reserves are limited. Demand is growing faster than current supply. To explore for this new natural resource, Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC, was formed in the United States. Members of our international Team are geologists and chemists. All Team members are highly qualified, have advanced scientific degrees, and have spent many years in hydrogen research. We have extensive knowledge of natural hydrogen and lots of "know-how". Combined, the Team has more than eighty-years of experience and are constantly expanding our knowledge in ongoing research collaborations with leading institutions and organizations. To assure competence in our exploration, we use the services of experts in drilling and gas production, who share our high regard for environmental protection. After several years of intensive research, our Team selected and obtained mineral leases over our most promising geological sites. The first drilling in the USA was successfully completed by our company in 2019. The results show that extraction of hydrogen and helium gases is possible.
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Headquarters Denver, CO 80202, USA

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