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Moving Floor

Moving Floor are innovators and pioneers within the field of automatic cleaning for farm animals.

Animals in the wild move over vast areas, they graze, they fertilize the ground and move on. Today we keep the farm animals in barns. In order to recreate nature within the barn we make the floors move! Moving Floor Concept has been developed to improve animal welfare, working environment and to prevent negative environmental impact. The system consists of self-cleaning floors where the manure is removed from the barn within two hours reducing ammonia emissions by 95%, increasing health & growth of animals, and significantly reducing antibiotic use. Globally 80% of all antibiotics are used by animals, indicating that there is a structural hygiene problem that must be solved. In conventional systems often as much as 200 liters of water is used daily to clean for a pig, diluting the manure and causing leakage. The patented Moving Floor Concept is an important tool in smart manure collection cleaning up to 15 times per day and NOT using water. Moving Floor can help provide a sustainable modular housing system for any farm size with lowered operational costs. We have developed the Moving Floor Concept over many years in collaboration with eight different universities. Today more than 100 farms are using our equipment.