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Equipment supplier for light-weight and flexible CIGS solar cell and panel manufacturing.

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Founder 2004
Company Size 50
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Founders Sven Lindström, Eric Jaremalm, Alf Linder, Göran Lombäck
Headquarters 175 43 Järfälla, Sweden
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Midsummer AB is a Swedish privately owned company founded in 2004. The founders and key employees have a strong background from the optical disc industry. Midsummer is a leading supplier of turnkey equipment for cost effective and scalable manufacturing of flexible CIGS thin film solar cells and modules. Research and development is an important part of Midsummer's activities as the solar cell process is constantly improved to enhance the cell efficiency. Total area power conversion efficiency on 156mmx156mm is above 15% in production.
Headquarters 175 43 Järfälla, Sweden

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Other products

The Midsummer DUO is a compact, fully automated deposition tool for CIGS solar cell production. It is designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimized layer uniformity and superior material utilization. The DUO tool deposits the complete material stack in an unbroken vacuum chain. All materials are deposited by sputtering onto 156 mm ×156 mm flexible stainless steel substrates using a cadmium-free process. Total area efficiency on 156 mm x156 mm semi-square solar cell is above 15% in production. The complete CIGS cell structure is made in a single machine, without breaking vacuum, starting from a bare ferritic steel substrate and finishing with a complete cell structure that only lacks a printed front side grid. The unbroken vacuum chain allows for less stringent clean room condition while minimizing the risk for contamination. The DUO tool has an annual production capacity of 5 MW (~50 000m² of solar panels); it is the most compact thin film CIGS equipment in the world. Solar cells produced in the DUO are then interconnected following an approach similar to the silicon photovoltaic industry and encapsulated using polymer-based materials to make flexible and light-weight solar panels.

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Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructureSector of applicationClean energy production, Industrial processes, Materials and chemistry Status Implemented

The Midsummer UNO is a light version of the DUO tool. The UNO can be used for a multitude of applications where a sputtered material stack in an unbroken vacuum chain is required such as thin film photovoltaics, photocatalysis, thermoelectricity, thin film batteries, coatings for fuel cell applications. It is a great platform for CIGS solar cell research where Midsummer can provide a complete and state of the art solar cell process as baseline for further R&D. Because all process steps are done in the same vacuum chamber, for most applications the UNO can be placed outside the clean room or in the low clean room class areas. Having up to 13 sputtering chambers means that the tool can be shared between different research groups simultaneously. Automated loading/unloading to process samples overnight for instance is a possible feature of the tool.

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Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructureSector of applicationClean energy production, Energy from waste, Energy storage, Materials and chemistry Status Implemented

Flexible and lightweight modules are a fast growing niche that allows for new and creative photovoltaic applications, such as membrane roofing, portable chargers, vehicle usage, landfill covers and much more. Midsummer offers a wide range of flexible and light weight solar panels that come in different size and shape depending on the final application.

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Our solar roof is based on Clix’s beautiful standing seam metal roof with a patented solution giving it a high wind resistant and making the installation easy and quick. On the roof our 2 mm thick thin film solar panels are mounted in the factory creating the solar roof, the market's best looking and most integrated solar roof. The solar cells in the panels are CIGS solar cells. The solar panels are CE-marked (a Swedish marking), IEC and UL certified.

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