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Metalerg sp zo.o. sp.k

Company on market since 1967. Main product is a straw fired boilers and air heaters. Company produce boilers since 1993.

Metalerg is a family company and exist on the market since 1967 Then company profile start to change on metal processing. In 1993 Metalerg has developed together with Danish company SKELTEK a new boilers construction and now sell it on whole over the world. After 25 years, these boilers are modern, high efficent and ecological units. Now company developed new high efficient and enviromentally friendly energy solutions. We are a specialist in metal construction. Our mission is to deliver high quality products and services. Experienced excellence.


Fully automatic straw fired boiler BIO-ECO-MATIC

New generation of high efficient fully automatic straw fired boilers and air heaters fueled by whole straw bales.

On the base of batch loading systems in straw fired boilers, company designed new generation of straw fired boilers with automatic feeding systems and automatic ash removing systems. This allow to wide use of local, enviromental friendly fuel - straw as an alternative to fossil fuels and give a possibility to reduce costs with no harms to enviroment. System was designed to use a local fuel: instead of use coal/heating oil customer can use own straw or buy a straw in short distance- this reduce problem of transportation, money for fuel will stay in commune, local fuel trade will increase the employment in area and this will give the taxes to local goverment (idea of "closed circut" of money in commune). In the base of Bio-Eco-Matic system, company want to show in near future CHP system fueled by straw bales.

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