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We have developed with our team a hollow microsphere of silica called MATSPHERES®. When introduced into the treatment process, it dramatically increases the bioproductivity. It is applicable for biotech, pharma and wastewater treatment. Our main focus is in the wastewater treatment. This patented technology offers the best, fastest, easiest, lowest cost solution for cities or industries that need to increase their wastewater treatment capacity. MATSPHERES® provide an ideal home for microorganisms to colonize. Materium have a real environmental & health impact for the society.

The company offers an alternative: simply replacing the used plastic media by an improved product taking advantage of its patented technology that considerably increases the efficiency of existing biological reactor thus saving on new facilities, equipment and space. The considerable cost difference between building a new facility and replacing the plastic media thus creates an interesting business opportunity for the company. The market for organic water treatment represents 7.8 billion US in 2016 with annual growth by 20% until 2026. Materium have a real environmental & health impact for the society. A growing build-up of pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, hormones, ammonia and pesticides in the waterways has become a new challenge for health issues and ecological problems. More stringent regulations are being put in place in many countries. The growth of global population also increase wastewater treatment needs and water reuse.