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B.P.: 2584, Douala, Cameroun

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Ismael Essome




offer of manufacture of ECOBOAT 2.0 for tourism, sport or fishing


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Madiba & Nature

ECOBOAT is an eco-friendly canoe made of marine or urban plastic waste with the aim to promote ecotourism and fishing

Madiba & Nature is working on a vast volunteer program in the fight against pollution to promote sustainable development and inspire change in the society. It specializes in the recycling of marine and urban plastic waste in ecological canoes called ECOBOAT used for fishing and community ecotourism. A program of citizen action’s has been set up with projects and clean-up and waste management of the marine and urban environment and the recycling of plastics into Ecoboat. A mini tour operator is also launched with the local communities of Kribi in the Southern Region of the country. Tourists are registered from digital platforms and guided in the different natural landscapes of the Coastal Region; ECOBOAT trip is also organized every weekend. A program of environmental education is done on the different pages of Social Networks, with exhibitions organized on the country and also internationally as part of the awareness on pollution and climate change; Seminars are organized with universities and schools. The daily activity is also the web management and digital communication (online awareness via social networks).

Company Madiba & Nature