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LiGE's CAES Air Battery is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly energy storage innovation in the world.

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Founders Warwick Leaper
Headquarters Jimpro Rd, Elandsfontein AH, South Africa
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Leaper Innovate Green Energies Pty Limited


An Introduction to the AIR BATTERY - The most cost effective CAES Clean Energy Storage and Clean Water Generator in the World! We cover SDGs 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. Besides many earlier awards including being the winner of the WWF-SA Climate Solver Award Voted and the winner of the Best Water Management Solution at the recent 2019 Southern Africa Startup Awards, Leaper Innovative Green Energies “LiGE”was also the only African Energy company to be featured in the 2019-2020 Cleantech Long Term Energy Storage Survey. Our patented Air Battery is the perfect companion for any solar, wind or renewable energy installation because unlike conventional deep cycle batteries that have to be replaced every 2-5 years, the Air Battery boasts a 30 year lifespan without any deterioration in performance whatsoever. Cost Comparisons (in lifespan duration and USD) 30 years: Air Battery - .04 per KWh 5 years: Battery systems - .30 per KWh 5 years: Diesel Generator - .64 per KWh In addition, the Air Battery has major beneficial byproducts: 1. Before we compress the air, we have to clean the air of dust, particles and all contaminants - when we release the air to generate power, the air is clean and available to use for any necessary application such as hospitals, medical facilities and office towers and; 2. While we are compressing the clean air, we also compress the humidity from the 300 million billion liters of water located in the air at any given time and therefore, we can generate unlimited quantities of 100% PURE Clean water. With the shortage of clean water in most countries of the world, LiGE's engineers are finalising a redesign of the Air Battery which does not include the scaleable energy storage features of the Air Battery but does result in a completely stand-alone system which is powered by any type of renewable energy source including solar, wind and/or the grid with the ability to produce a minimum of 500 liters of pure clean water every day without requiring an external power source nor an external water source such as streams, rivers or oceans. Our estimates show peoduction costs of pennies per liter and early indicators show that our process could also be utilised as a desalinator and produce clean water lower than conventional desaltination systems. The future of cost effective and scaleable clean energy storage and the ability to generate water from air is a welcome innovation to a planet in stress and LiGE is ready. AIR BATTERY - The most cost effective unlimited Clean Energy Storage and Clean Water Generator in the World! Download our info deck
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Headquarters Jimpro Rd, Elandsfontein AH, South Africa

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
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