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38000 Grenoble, France

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Raphaël Meyer, Gilles Moreau



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Responsible consumption and production



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7 months ago
Grenoble, France


7 months ago
Grenoble, France

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Lancey Energy Storage

Energy Storage. Everywhere for Everyone !

Lancey Energy Storage offers a breakthrough innovation for energy storage: an electric radiator with a lithium-ion battery inside. Batteries are the future of home energy consumption. But they are still very expensive and we never know where to put them. Lancey smartly puts them inside radiators, so that there is no installation cost and remain very discrete. Lancey’s vision is to democratize energy storage in every home by integrating it into an everyday home appliances (heaters today, air conditioning and heat pumps tomorrow). This multi-patented technology enables Lancey to provide enery storage for free to its end-users. In addition, this unique architecture allows to re-use batteries from electric bikes in second life (world premiere disclosed in 2019 with Groupe La Poste). This solution also come with connectivity (4G/wifi/Zigbee) and sensors to gather data from every room of the building. An EMS (Energy Management System) then analyses PV production, devices consumption, data from the sensors to optimise the consumption of energy and reduce the electricity bills. Lancey's solution goes a step further to make smart home and smart building real. Lancey application can control remotely every single battery to provide new and innovative services to the grids. Distributed storage is indispensable to balance the grid and to integrate more renewable energy through self-consumption and grid services. Lancey’s innovation is finally a keystone to smartgrid. Lancey is a 3 years old company and rely on a young and enthusiastic team of 15 people. The solution has already been deployed in BtoB in a hundred of dwellings in France and has proved significant energy bill reductions, with quick return on investment. Lancey is now entering the scale-up phase and is building commercial collaborations in Europe and in North America and prepare a series B fundraising.

Company Lancey Energy Storage

Lancey's smart radiator

Offer Lancey's smart radiator

The first smart electric radiator with a battery inside

Up to 50% reduction cost on the electric bill: AN ELECTRIC SPACE HEATER OF THE LATEST GENERATION Stone slabs for gEntle heat and inertia + fast radiant front panel, sensors of temperature, electric consumption & presence AN INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Natively connected to the smart meter and to Lancey servers, machine learning optimisation on Lancey servers, data restitution on the Lancey application AN EMBEDDED BATTERY Transfer of peak consumption towards off-peak hours, contract power reduction, renewable energies storage

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Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production

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Energy storage, Industrial processes, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Building and shelters, Circular economy of solid wastes

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