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Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

Kaiserwetter: An Enertech company providing Data as a Service catalyzing investments in renewable energies


Aristoteles - Five continents. One solution.

Ensuring, investors commit capital to meet the 2°C target through IoT, Smart Data Analytics & Predictive Data Simulation

ARISTOTELES – this is the name of our innovative digital platform, which we started to develop 3 years ago. By choosing this name we have already known in 2015 that we have to create something, which is worth to be named like one of the biggest philosopher. Now in 2018 we can state that we already have achieved a very high level of technical development as we partnered with SAP, who is providing the cloud based IT infrastructure and technology to be a full scalable platform with the possibility to integrate millions of power generating assets by using SAP HANA technology. ARISTOTELES is aggregating technical, meteorological and financial data of wind farms, solar parks, hydro power station or any other renewable energy source by using the possibilities of Internet-of-Things. Based on this data we are running Smart Data Analytics to afford a high efficient risk assessment from a technical and especially financial perspective. In such a way ARISTOTELES is unlocking private capital on a globally basis as we are geographic unbound and able to stream data from each spot of the world by using the internet or satellites. That will foster an universal access to affordable energy, which is especially needed in regions like Africa, Asia and South America. And which can't be financed through local means. Therefore, one of ten milestones of the G7-sponsored African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) is to win private investors. In such a way ARISTOTELES is effecting millions of people on different continents. Furthermore we are strengthening the local Know-How and generating jobs, as ARISTOTELES could be linked to our cloud based ERP System/ S4 HANA, which allows us performing accounting in almost all countries by engaging local staff. ARISTOTELES is a cloud based IoT platform using the possibilities of Smart Data Analytics and Predictive Data Simulation by aggregating and correlating all technical, meteorological and, crucially, financial data with the goals of: (1) permanently maximizing the asset performance, (2) minimizing investment risks, (3) simplifying portfolio monitoring and benchmarking and (4) giving the possibility to implement lean organizational set-ups. ARISTOTELES is following an executive level approach. The intention of this digital platform is providing insights to the top level of the management by focussing on the granting transparency to the technical performance without being an energy expert. Furthermore ARISTOTELES has its USP in the ability to integrate all financials as our clients such as capital investors and financing institutions require a full financial overview. The results of automized performed routines are displayed in frontends which can easily accessed via the web. ARISTOTELES will be customized to our clients needs and is therefore a fully flexible solution. The innovation lies in the combination of technical, meteorological and financial information in one digital platform. ARISTOTELES is generating a structured, actual and tamper free data base, which could be used for further analytics of our clients. Generating such a data base and performing benchmarking over different asset classes, countries and levels is unique in the world of renewable energy asset management. Furthermore the teaming up with SAP gives Kaiserwetter the possibility of using the innovations of one of the leading IT technology companies. https://get.aristoteles.energy/kaiserwetter/

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