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Adaptive Glazing Shields for Upgrading Building Facades & Windows to Become Energy-efficient & Smart Without Replacement

Inovues is an award-winning, cleantech startup in the field of energy efficiency and green retrofits of building facades and windows. We are developing non-intrusive window upgrade systems with passive and active/smart features for existing buildings. Our goal is to help cities achieve their CO2 reduction targets by offering building owners low-cost and non-disruptive facade and window retrofit solutions that can dramatically improve the energy efficiency and quality of their properties. Our mission is to make it economically feasible to upgrade the facades and windows of existing buildings to become smart, energy efficient, and resilient while being environmentally sustainable. Inovues was recently selected as the 2017 U.S. National Grand Prize Winner and the Info-tech & Built Environment category winner by Cleantech Open, the world's largest accelerator of early-stage clean technology companies.

Company Inovues

Adaptive Glazing Shields

Offer Adaptive Glazing Shields

The 1st & Only Non-intrusive, External Window Upgrade Technology

[[[ OVERVIEW ]]]: Inovues is developing the 1st non-intrusive, external window/curtain-wall upgrade technology, which can dramatically improve the insulation and energy efficiency of existing buildings while enhancing their appearance and durability. We will offer building owners the only solution to experience the same performance of new window systems and the economic benefits of facade upgrades and energy retrofits without requiring any window replacement or causing disruption to the building or occupants. [[[ VALUE PROPOSITION ]]]: For ~15% of the cost of window replacement, our technology transforms the inefficient, single or double-glazed windows and curtain-walls to high-performing double or triple-glazed systems without having to replace or alter any of their original parts, offering similar performance results with up to 90% shorter payback period only from energy savings. [[[ TECHNOLOGY -- PASSIVE FEATURES ]]]: Inovues's patent-pending technology was developed to work with most types of windows and glass curtain-walls as an exterior or interior attachment. The current version of the product, as an exterior application, extends the service life of most glazing systems by up to 25 years and improves their insulation properties between 40-55%, leading to energy savings of up to 40%. [[[ TECHNOLOGY -- ACTIVE FEATURES ]]]: In addition to the passive features, the system provides a platform that makes it economically feasible to bring 3rd-party, cutting-edge smart technologies to existing buildings, like dynamic glazing and vision PV. The smart/active version of the product, as an adaptive and self-sufficient system, provides many further benefits through automation and in an environmentally sustainable manner, allowing existing buildings to enjoy the many benefits of smart technologies in a cost-effective way without having to replace or alter any parts of the original facades or windows. [[[ THE ECONOMIC BENEFITS FOR BUILDING OWNERS ]]]: In addition to providing energy savings and extending the service life of building facades to avoid early replacement and to minimize the risk of performance failure, our novel retrofit solutions help reduce the publicly disclosed Energy Use Intensity (EUI rating); help get more points to achieve a green building certification, like LEED or Energy Star, which in turn, helps gain tax credits; improve occupant satisfaction/productivity by improving the quality and thermal and acoustic comfort of the indoor environment; and enhance the exterior image of the building without altering its identity — which together would boost the competitiveness of old buildings in the real estate market, leading to higher occupancy, tenant retention, and net operating income; higher building classification; and ultimately higher market rates and asset value. [[[ SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ]]]: Buildings are the number one end users of energy. They are responsible for about 40% of all energy consumption and carbon emissions in both developed and developing countries. Taking that into consideration, 20-40% of the total energy savings in buildings is projected to be from windows and building envelopes. Today, it is estimated that about 40% of all commercial and multi-family residential buildings in the U.S. still have inefficient single-pane windows, and half of the remaining 60% have early or low-performing double-pane window systems that lack significantly in performance compared to the current technologies and building and energy code requirements. The problem is that if building owners want to replace the inefficient windows, it could take them up to 50 years to payback the high up-front costs from energy savings and recover the losses from business disruption. Inovues is offering an economically-feasible and environmentally-sustainable solution to this problem that has serious energy and environmental impact. For example, if only the single-glazed office buildings in the U.S. were retrofitted with Inovues’s glazing shields, the typical result of 20% improvement in energy efficiency would translate into more than 1.5 billion dollars in annual savings and about 140 trillion Btu each year in reduced energy consumption. This is equal to about 24 million barrels of oil or more than 10 million metric tons of reduced CO2 emissions per year, which is like removing more than 2 million cars off the streets each year. By significantly improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, we will mitigate the impact of climate change, make the built environment more resilient, and help preserve the natural resources.

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