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We developed a new technology to upgrade the windows of buildings to become energy-efficient & smart without replacement

Inovues is an award-winning CleanTech/BuiltTech startup company in the field of energy efficiency and green building retrofits. We have developed a new technology to retrofit the windows of buildings to become smart, energy efficient, and sustainable without replacement. Our mission is to make it economically feasible for building owners to adopt the latest window technologies to bring their buildings up to the highest standards and expectations. Our goal is to help cities worldwide achieve their energy and CO2 reduction targets by accelerating the adoption of a typically less-pursued, yet highly-effective, energy efficiency retrofit in existing buildings, the No. 1 end-users of energy in the US and many other countries.

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Inovues Glazing Shield

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The First Non-intrusive Facade and Window Upgrade System

[[[ OVERVIEW ]]]: Inovues has developed a new technology to retrofit the windows of buildings to become smart, energy-efficient, and sustainable without replacement. [[[ VALUE PROPOSITION ]]]: We help building owners save up to 40% on energy costs, increase the value and sustainability of their assets, and improve occupant satisfaction through better thermal and acoustic comfort. We do this for a fraction of the cost of window replacement and without disrupting the building or occupants. Our window upgrade solution eliminates the downtime associated with ripping out and replacing the existing windows and provides up to 10x faster payback and up to 400% ROI. [[[ PRODUCT / TECHNOLOGY ]]]: Inovues' window retrofit system carries a high-performance glass panel and gets mounted to an existing window pane—internally or externally—without having to drill, remove, or alter any parts of the existing facade or windows. It transforms inefficient single- or double-glazed windows and curtain-walls into high-performing double- or triple-glazed systems and provides a platform that has the potential to be the basis for rapid adoption of smart window technologies in existing buildings, like dynamic and transparent PV glass.

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