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Innovation citoyenne et développement durable

The power of simple ideas for a sustainable world allowing every one to live, learn, eat an healthy food, work with sense, innovate...

We are a team of engaged ingeneers and specialists of "participative innovation". Our mission is to select oustanding solutions for sustainable dévelopment arising from citizens that are not in charge spécificly of the problems: they "offer" their solutions coming from"bottom" to "upper levels". Those solutions must be simple, efficient and powerful, cheap for inclusive applications in the society, addressing major expectations of citizensICDD participate to different jurys for social and technical innovations, observes, meets and follows pioneers of the global transition. We help pioneers to be better known, sustaining them to receive financial helps and have contacts to sustain their development. We classify those innovations or excellent initiatives in ten categories, such as : building, transport, agriculture and food, energy, transport, training, recycling, etc... further information in our website: www.icdd.fr our references: biomimicry, the Blue economy (Gunter Pauli), Nicolas Hulot, Corinne Lepage, ... Le site de l'Association Innovation Citoyenne et Développement Durable

Company Innovation citoyenne et développement durable