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Innovation Activator

We are the cluster of hi-tech startups, mechanical engineers, designers, factories and experts. We want our knowledge and experience to serve others bringing them on a rapid learning curve on technology development. We invest in projects with a global mindset that we can add value to. We seek for ambitious teams and/or Founders. Unlike other fundraising organizations we actively engage ourselves in technology issues and business operations on a daily basis. We deliver competencies and know-how in prototype building and design for manufacturing, reference industrial implementation of a given technology, IP law, legal issues, team building and management, bringing core partners for scaling.

We seek out outstanding entrepreneurs, inventors and creators feeling responsibility for development of civilization, new technologies and solutions, for improvement of quality of life of the mankind. Innovation Activator creates unique and flexible ecosystem to allow high potential start-ups to thrive by providing them with: # an expert, honest and hard hitting assessment of their project # necessary funding to accomplish market ready product with early traction # active involvement in raising series A from elite group of European and US VCs and investors # access to experts and strategic partners worldwide # valuable introductions and connections leading to commercial contracts # active hands-on involvement and support # having the right IP protection measures in place # competencies and know-how in hardware prototype building and design # expert knowledge on product certification # hands on project management and delivering milestones discipline # exposure on the leading start-up and industry conferences worldwide # an outstanding co-working environment with peer access We are looking for bold ideas in the areas of:  # Mechanics, machine design and robotics # Autonomous mobile systems (land, air, sea) # Virtual Reality and Extended Reality technologies (architecture, industry, real state markets, IoT) # Energy systems and storage # Additive manufacturing technologies # Electronics # Electric powertrain applications and charge management systems # EV vehicle conversion # Smart grids & connected cities # Marine # Wearable technologies # Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning # Climate change # Environment friendly solutions & energy saving  # Smart agriculture technologies # Aquaculture # Life Sciences