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Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.

Infinity designs, builds and delivers fuel cell and hydrogen generation systems with a focus on flight.

Since our founding in 2002, Infinity has focused many years of combined military and space fuel cell experience designing the next generation of air-independent fuel cells and regenerative fuel cells. With the support of NASA and several other US government agencies, we have achieved key breakthroughs in fuel cell design that have significantly reduced the complexity of these systems and dramatically improved performance and reliability. Drones are quickly becoming commonplace in both military and commercial environments. The challenges for airframe providers in this market are size, weight, and power. Several applications, such as medical delivery in remote areas, require longer flight times, while many applications simply require more power for onboard payloads. In addition, applications like pipeline inspection, bridge evaluation, and surveillance, requiring camera gear, have particular sensitivities to vibrations. Batteries alone have limited range. Internal combustion engines provide reasonable range but come with vibration and overhaul penalties. Infinity’s fuel cell technology, when combined with lightweight and efficient energy storage, provides a power solution for the most demanding drone applications. Fuel cells provide a vibration free power alternative while also capable of extended flight times.