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India One Solar Thermal Power Plant

“India One” is 1,0 MW el. Solar Thermal Power Plant, R&D project for continuous power generation executed by WRST.

“India One” is a R&D project executed by World Renewal Spiritual Trust; it is a 1,0 MW el. Solar Thermal Power Plant with 16 hrs energy storage for the night operation. This captive power plant supplies electricity round the clock, for 25,000 people in Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Rajasthan , India. The silent features of the project include: • 1 MW peak electrical output for 24 hours • 770 no’s of 60 SQM parabolic reflectors with automatic network enabled dual axis tracking mechanism • 770 no’s of static cast iron cavity receivers with 16 hrs thermal storage • Direct steam generation @ 252 deg C to 450 Deg C @ 42 bar pressure • Co-generation of hot water @ 1 mio litres per day @ 60 deg C • @ 35 acres of land required for 24MWhrs per day with possible farming / vegetation below reflectors allowing efficient usage of land. This technology is available for further replication for various industrial heat and power applications. “India One” features indigenous Concentrating Solar Power technology, with breakthrough thermal storage: reliable, low maintenance, easy to fabricate and cost effective. This innovative technology is demonstrated thorough local capacity building, facilitating technology transfer and dissemination of knowledge to the wide public. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) with GIZ are partners providing part of the research funds.

Company India One Solar Thermal Power Plant