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Solar energy is a free resource that is available to all yet it remains underutilized. In our country this resource is available each day of the year thus solar energy solutions are the most effective way of meeting domestic and industrial

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2018
Company Size 10
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Founders John Wambugu
Headquarters Haile Selassie Ave, Nairobi, Kenya
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The company ICEBERG ENERGY SYSTEMS is renewable energy and a technology-oriented company dedicated to providing the most precise technology-based and energy-efficient solutions for commercial, domestic, private /public institutions, hospitality, health and agribusiness applications. We are a market and technology-driven company geared to be the leading provider of life-changing innovation solutions in Kenya and beyond. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing solutions adapted to global clients. In our commitment to building a sustainable environment, we assist our clients in the adoption of a wide range of renewable energy solutions, therefore, reducing the effect of carbon in our environment. Iceberg Energy Solutions prides itself on working with the consumer to establish a strong relationship, which allows us to design the perfect system that will exceed customer expectations based on consumption needs, aesthetics, economics, government incentives/rebates, and structural capabilities. The Opportunity Solar energy is a free resource that is available to all yet it remains underutilized. In our country, this resource is available each day of the year thus solar energy solutions are the most effective way of meeting domestic and industrial energy needs. Our systems are economically viable and environmental friendly with zero negative effect on the environment. We purpose to reduce the cost of electricity in different households by up to 60% with no emission of greenhouse gases that are major causes of global warming and climate change. Back Ground Africa population is rising and continuous rising tremendously over the last 10 years. This growth is projected to continue exponentially over the next coming years. This growth, however, comes with a lot of effects in Africa, competition for dwindling resources is rife, poor health care, and scarcity of basic wants like food and water yet still many Africans has no access to electricity which could play a major role in managing available resources It's estimated that out of 1.2 billion Africa population, 700 million has no access to electricity. There are also other factors that are affecting Africa dwindling food security, climate change is one of the major factors, overutilization of arable land due to human effect and rapid population growth, Poor management of food and water resources after bumper harvest (Post-harvest losses ).The governments of the day in lack of political goodwill and proper leadership that understand that investing in renewable energy in agriculture will aid in alleviating poverty and increase quality of life of her people. Our company endeavours to create practical solutions that will address these challenges affecting African communities through utilizing solar energy which is free and clean energy available in nature. We purpose to create innovative products and solutions that can be adopted in all sectors of the economy and help in addressing issues raised above. We have chosen solar as the primary source of energy due to the fact that this energy is free and has no effect on the environment. Iceberg solutions cut through domestic and commercial clients and can be adopted by the governments, communities, non-governmental organizations, churches, homeowners among others. We will seek to create resilient communities that can face the threat of hunger by adopting our technologies. Our solutions will address the post-harvest losses, stop hunger and malnutrition and create affordable energy for all. It will be therefore our little way to contribute towards a cleaner, greener planet for each one of us
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Headquarters Haile Selassie Ave, Nairobi, Kenya

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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Affordable and clean energy
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Sustainable cities and communities
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