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We are a young start up company from Germany which is interested in improving architecture in such a way that buildings look modern, while using green energy only. In order to stop the exploitation of limited fossil resources, our overall goal is to make a new source of energy accessible. To reach this goal, we invented a technology which allows us to use the sun's energy in a new way.

Our technology is the first one to use solar energy in a simple and natural way. Since the sun's warmth and light literally surround all buildings, nothing would be easier than using this energy just like animals, plants and even rocks do by soaking it up until they have enough of it. This is exactly, how we should use sunlight for our heating - Having big windows to let the sun in. When we are saturated with the incoming warmth, the new I[n]solation system unrolls just like a roller shutter. The important difference is that the dynamic I[n]solation system insulates as well as insulated walls do. This is a consequence of the cleverly devised construction of the technology which works with a few foils that are similar to space blankets. The foils stand in a row so that air circulates between them, which is why the system is a highly efficent technology for insulation and a big part of the solution for the climate change. With the I[n]solation system we can free ourselves from our dependence on fossil resources before they are finished and we are forced to live without them. Living in harmony with our environment and the sun was never as easy as it is now.


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