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Our goal is to solve the problem of sea level rise. Horizons is a non-profit association.

The project "Polar solution" does what nature does : storing water in the form of ice, in polar regions. Sea level is defined like that. In the history of planet Earth, sea level variations have always been linked to volumes of water stored in the form of ice. The project "Polar solution" simply reproduces the natural mechanism of Earth. The principle : the solution is to lower the sea level removing water excess in oceans, and to store permanently this water in the form of ice or snow in polar areas. For example, in Antarctica. Water is transported through pipelines until storage place. It is a global solution, acting uniformly on the entire problem, unlike seawalls, which are very local solutions. To realize this storage in hyper hostile areas where human workers can not operate, avant garde technologies will be used with remote controlled robots and many other technologies. We are working to the first prototypes achievement.