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HELIOVIS is a supplier of low cost inflatable solar collectors based on its patented HELIOtube technology.

HELIOVIS AG has received multiple awards for HELIOtube. The first commercial HELIOtube plant was co-financed in Spain through the EU’s largest research and innovation program, "Horizon 2020". The company is currently developing several projects around the world. HELIOtube is an innovative solar concentrator built with plastic films that make it easier to produce, transport, build and recycle. HELIOtubes are produced roll-to-roll, shortening production time. They are transported to any destination in standard freight containers. Once on site they are simply inflated, forming tubes 220m long. Inside the tube, a reflective film runs lengthwise, forming two air-tight chambers. The film concentrates sunlight onto a thermal receiver. The energy produced can be used in various industrial processes or converted to electricity by a turbine. The aerodynamic shape makes maintenance less resource intensive (using 80% less water) helps withstands strong winds. Moreover, due to its shape, PV-trackers can be integrated as an adaptive wind protection system (see picture of our demo plant in Spain). Such an integrated hybrid plant is the most advanced approach and perfect for remote off-grid applications since it combines the most cost effective solar power technologies for day- and night-time together in one integrated system. Once operational, HELIOtubes provide thermal heat and electricity for up to 16 hours a day at prices competitive with conventional energy. Over their entire lifecycle, HELIOtubes provide 55 percent cost savings and significantly reduce the complexity of CSP projects.