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Haffner Energy

The company has developed HYNOCA®, a solution for the production of renewable and competitive hydrogen from biomass.

HAFFNER ENERGY, a start-up of the energy transition and the fight against global warming, having 20+ years of experience in the valorization of biomass, is now strongly engaged in the market of renewable hydrogen.

HYNOCA®, the hydrogen production station is designed, built and marketed by Haffner Energy. Its disruptive technology covered by numerous patents delivers high purity hydrogen (99.97% H2) for mobility or industrial use, from biomass collected locally, enhancing righteous local and circular economy.
The outstanding energy efficiency of the process (exceeding 70%) leads to ultra-competitive hydrogen prices, lower by 20 to 60% than those of other renewable H2.
In near future, it will compete with prices at the pump of fossil fuels. The first HYNOCA® station with a capacity of 120kg H2/day is under completion and will be commissioned in 2019 in Vitry-le-François. It is the result of joint efforts by the local community, the Ecole CentraleSupelec of Paris Saclay and Haffner Energy.
A local fleet of fuel-cell vehicles will soon operate with the produced hydrogen while the surplus of renewable energy will be valued in the district heating network.

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